Batie Pilot Car Service. The Nations number one choice for pilot car companies and certified truck escort service.

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Batie Dependable Pilot Cars & Truck Escort Service

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Batie Dependable Pilot Cars service is a well orchestrated and calculated service provider. They seem to have a general love for their industry and take pride in what they do. AAAAA - Highly recommended!


On behalf of the Team at Coast2CoastTrucking Permits we would like to say thank you! Your company is a tremendous assett in our industry. Watching the level of support that you give to truckers online makes it obvious that you care deeply about helping them keep rolling in a safe manner! Thanks for keeping the safety of the drivers and their loads out their your top concern. One thing is for certain....We can always count you and strongly encourage those who may be looking to "step it up" with their escorts to give you a call!


 George Thompson


Very good pilot car service. Very knowledgeable on all kinds of oversize loads. Billy will even help you if you have problems on your route and need to get moving , rather it be with a chain or minor break down he is not afraid to get their hands dirty. If he isn’t available he will find you a qualified escort who is available.                                            Jamie Marr 5/03/2014   CEO & Founder at JT Squires transport llc


Best pilot car service available. Doesn't matter where I am ,They are  always there when I need them! Doug Good  05/03/2014  Driver at King Brothers Transport


   Al Marion  Dependable. It's in their name. Driver at Fleetway Transport Inc


★★★★★  Big S/O to my sponsors Baties Dependable Pilotcars & Truck Escort Service down in gator country! I tell ya wat this is one company id never forget the number to call these guys when any size load needs to be move anywhere in tha world no matter if its surveying, high pole, lead, chase, or etc....Barbara & Billy Batie and their crew got your back 110% Trust me I know ran alot of loads with these guys; The professionalism, quality of work, and dependability is on point with this crew they are never late! Thanks for all your help and support these past 2 years love you all at Baties Dependable ~ V.I.P LIL COUNTRY                                                             Tori Ammand Carry Ozane Driver Art Heavy Haul


Carl Beagler reviewed Batie Dependable Pilot Cars & Truck Escort Service — ***** star  February 8 at 7:18pm

Ran with then to the miss line last month! Very nice and professional company to run for!



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