With pilot car runs like this safety is first.


Safety is the first thing that our pilot car drivers think of first. It doesn’t matter if we are Leading, Chasing or on a High Pole escort job our drivers know that our job is to protect the motorists that all seem to be in a hurry on our roads and highways. After that our job demands that you are properly routed and on time. We perform this task with a number of different systems in place to make sure every effort of the combined “team” that we performed is maximized.

We started our pilot car and truck escort operation out of Gainesville, Florida for a reason. Location, location, location. With easy access to major trucking points like I-10 and I-75 we knew that the oversize trucking industry would require and good solid fully certified truck escort and pilot car company with dedicated drivers in all of the lower 48 states. So we set up shop. Today, what we have are the efforts rewarded from hard work and dedication to the industry we love.

At Batie Dependable Pilot Cars, we are focused on providing The Safest, Most Courteous and Reliable Pilot Car services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to exceed your expectations in a pilot car .

Our Pilot Cars specialize in FRONT and CHASE, HIGH POLE, ROUTE SURVEYS, TRAFFIC CONTROL , US PASSPORT (Canada and Mexico) Give us a call and we will accommodate you with competitive rates, and friendly, professional service. In the case that more than one car is needed, we can help with that too.

We are Certified & Equipped for all States, Professional Pilot Cars Available NATIONWIDE! Florida, NY & WA Certified in 48 States: GA, LA, Amber Light Permits ,Kansas Superload, NV & NM permitted, PA additionally insured, CDL, Health Card, TWIC, Passport. 1 Million Commercial Auto & 1 Million General Liability Insurance Coverage.

Safety on all our jobs comes first.

Our Drivers are experienced pilot car drivers, certified to operate in the U.S. & Canada, fully insured vehicles with $1,000,000.00 Combined Single Limit Coverage , We Have You Covered. Our vehicles are serviced and all equipment needed to operate within each State, Vehicles are checked & maintained regularly. Batie Dependable Pilot Cars mission is to get the truck driver & their load to their destination, in the most efficient safe and a timely manner as possible.

As the Saying goes :

Behind every great man is a great woman, We Believe that in front of (or behind) every great Oversize Load is a great pilot car. A pilot cars first priority when escorting an oversized load is to protect the motoring public. Their second, and also important priority, is to protect the load while helping the driver to avoid all of the obstacles that occur when hauling a Oversize, Wideload load. Pilot cars help truckers negotiate tight corners and get around signs, help them to avoid low-hanging trees, but most importantly, they make sure that they do not hit low overpasses ad Low hanging obstacles. These are some big responsibilities, so choosing the right pilot car service is crucial to your success (and survival).

Whether your needing to move a load through Floirda , across the United States or Canada.

Batie Dependable Pilot Cars – We Go The Distance For Your Loads

Call Batie Dependable Pilot Cars & Truck Escort (352-538-3645) and let us cover your load. With our Extensive network of pilot cars of over 800 in our database, We will help you coordinate all of your pilot car needs anywhere in the United States and Canada. We are available to serve you 24/7 with High Pole, Lead , Chase Truck Escort vehicles and Route Survey needs.