Pricing is our competitive advantage.

While we are a for profit company we have certain advantages over other pilot car companies in our industry that work to our advantage so we exploit them. Primarily our strategic location being based just minutes away from I-75 and I-10 in Florida as well as owning pilot car vehicles that are servicing all of North America including Canada and Mexico puts us in a pretty good position to save most of our clients’ money on its own. Additionally, we utilize state of the art technology in routing as well as cross reference with our existing route database which can save you money just by calling and talking to us as we already know if a preferred route is possible to run or not. Below is just a basic pricing matrix for our pilot car operation.

Rates: Our Time Is Money.

Our Current Rates
Our Prices are Competitive to other pilot car services in our area. Prices may vary depending on Time and Length of Run or total number of Runs requested, and for Repeat customers.
Below is a Suggested price range – Prices are Negotiable.

Pilot Car Mileage: $1.50 to 1.70 mi, loaded miles (over 100 miles/day) – Depending on the pilot car service required.
Pilot Car Day Rate: $495 per day, plus overnight (lead and chase only).

High Pole Mileage: No Rate Available, Hourly or Daily Only!
High Pole Hourly or Daily: $50 Hour or $550 Daily.

Stand By Time $25 hr. – first 2 hours is on the house, as it should be!
Route Surveys Book, Drive, Hi Pole. Call for rates! OR fill out online request.
Traffic Control: Specialized quote required, please call for quote.
No Go’s: $175 plus deadhead. (Can be charged if driver was enroute).
Overnight Fee: $75 Nightly for motel.
Deadhead Mileage: $ 0.65 mi. (is charged when needed, out of area calls).

All services rendered are due at the time of service, except current accounts and Approved Brokers . For your convenience we take trucking industry checks and cash or Company checks and Major Credit Cards.
Super loads are loads that move vary slowly on the road or any load over 15 feet wide, 15 feet tall or over 200,000 lbs, and / or highway patrol loads. Price may vary, please call for an estimate.
company checks, trucking industry checks, Com Checks and cash are accepted at the time of service.
Deadhead mileage may occur if deadhead miles are more than piloted miles. If the job is quoted as a daily or hourly rate, the deadhead does NOT apply.
NOTE: Overnight fee may be charged if more than 8 hours of travel per day / Round trip.