What is a Pilot Car

A Pilot Car or Escort Vehicle, is a car that accompanies an oversize load through a specified area. Every state has a different requirement for pilot cars. Most states requirement is that truck must have 1 pilot car at all times. These pilot cars must have flags, signs, and lights on the car to warn the public that there is an oversized load coming through.

Purpose of Pilot Escort Vehicle

A Pilot Escort Vehicles Purpose is to Safely Escort an oversize/overweight load from its starting location to its destination without Damaging The Load. While at the same time Warning the Motorists. They are also Escort the load to Protecting Highways, Roads, Control devices, Signs, Wires, Cables and other property

Lead or Chase Pilot Car

In some areas the pilot car must be in front of the load, and in others they need to be behind the load. Generally this depends on what state you are in and what route you are traveling. Some loads that are wider than 14 ft will need 2 pilot cars, one in front of the load and one in the rear.

High Pole Pilot Car

When the load is over height, some states require a special pilot car that is called a “Height Pole Car”. This type of car has a special telescopic pole attached to it, that is adjustable to whatever height is needed for that particular load. Generally these cars are required if the loaded height is more than 17 ft. However, there are some states that require this type of car at lower measurements, such as New York requires them if the loaded height is more than 14 ft 6 inches.

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